The Sales by Invoice Source Report is created to assist stores that have more than one source of where invoices are placed, for example, if you have a store that is using Aura Invoicing, Mobile POS, and Self Service terminals (SST) you will need a report that can keep track of which invoice came from which source.

The Sales by Invoice Source Report will need to be installed in the Aura folder on the Backoffice computer for you to be able to have access to it.

If you are unsure of doing it yourself please contact for assistance.

To do it yourself download the attached zip file on the Backoffice computer, and make sure Backoffice is not running.

Once you have downloaded the Zip file you will need to unzip the file to find the reports.

(This will require a program that allows you to zip/unzip folders) 

 Download 7 Zip here if you do not already have it installed.

Once you have downloaded the attached zip file and installed 7 Zip, you can right-click on the folder, then click on 7-Zip, then Click on extract files:

7-Zip will ask you to choose where to extract the files to;

The files should be extracted to the Reports folder in the C Drive;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Alphapos\Aura\Reports

Once you have selected the location and click okay, you should see the following folder in that location;

Open the folder to view the reports, once you see the reports highlight the following items 

  • Sales by Customer.rpt
  • Sales by Customer.xml
  • Sales by Invoice Source.rpt
  • Sales by Invoice Source.xml

Once you have highlighted them you will need to move them into the Sales folder;

Once they are in the sales folder, you need to scroll back to the Reports.bat file, right-click and run this file as an administrator;

The below window will pop up and you will need to wait for it to finish, when it's done it will ask you to "Press any key to continue".

Now press Enter.

Once you have pressed enter the pop up will disappear, you can now open Backoffice, at the top of the screen click on Reports, then scroll to Sales, then scroll down to Sales by Invoice Source;

When running the report you will have the following options, 

  • Date From: this will indicate the start date for the report.
  • Date Until: this will indicate the end date for the report.
  • Show Invoices: this will give you a breakdown of all the invoices, if not ticked you will only receive a summary.

Each Invoice Source will be indicated on its own page, with the final page of the report showing a cross-tab report (comparing all the invoices sources)