Pending items is a setting that can be enabled on each till. When it is enabled, the menu items that are rung up on the cashiers till will appear immediately in the kitchen. You will not have to wait for the sale to be concluded before the kitchen can start to manufacture. This improves speed of service.


To enable it, open Settings in Invoicing each till.

Click Specific Computer > Devices. Click Display Pending Immediately.

Pending Items


As soon as each item is rung up, it will appear on the Kitchen Items screen as a green line. Green brings your attention to new items that need to be made. They only stay green for a few seconds.

After a number of seconds, the rows will turn yellow. Yellow rows denote items that are in progress, but the sale has not been concluded.

If a cashier deletes an item off the invoice, the green or yellow row will turn red. This means that the kitchen must no longer continue making this item.

When the order is saved, it will go white and red lines will be removed.