I need to format my computer and re-load Windows XP. What should I do?


If you have an embedded computer purchased from Cosoft in the last two years, then Cosoft will simply swop out the entire machine for you. You will not have any problems with licenses.

If you are using retail hardware and have a Windows XP Professional license sticker on the case, then you should purchase a new machine. It is unlikely that your computer hardware will have drivers for Windows 10.

I need to purchase a new computer, what should I do?


Purchase embedded hardware directly from Cosoft. The servers and workstations are sold with Windows 10 IoT Embedded LTSB licenses.

I need a new computer in my business and I already have a desktop computer, can I use it?


Cosoft does not recommend using retail hardware due to the high cost of maintaining it. Embedded hardware has proven to have a far lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the computer. However, you may use a desktop computer with Windows 8. A callout will be necessary to professionally install Aura onto this operating system. 

Microsoft Security Essentials are displaying a warning telling me that support has ended. What should I do?


This only applies to very old computers running Windows XP. Replace the computer or you can purchase a NOD32 license from Cosoft.


When will Cosoft move onto a more recent operating system?

Aura is now running on Windows 10 IoT Embedded LTSB. All our computers are running this operating system.

Can I Use Windows 7?

Both Windows XP and Windows 7 have been discontinued. We do not recommend it.

Read more about it on Microsoft: