Setting up SMS Agent:

Please make sure that the following versions are installed to ensure that it works as intended:

  • SMS Agent that is installed is version or higher
  • Aura on a later version of Aura is installed.

After the setup:

In the Aura directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Alphapos\Aura) there should now be a few files related to SMSAgent.

Above are the files needed for SMSAgent in Windows 8 64bit

Please Note: The .mab files are related to logging and should not be tampered with.

SMS agent Properties:

The properties for certain files need to be changed.

  • SMSAgent.exe
  • smsagentcontroller.exe
  • SMSAgentService.exe

Open the properties for these files. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and set the files up as follows:

After that navigate to the Security tab and select the edit button below groups and users. Set all users and groups up as follows:

Getting ready to launch:

There is one more thing that needs to be done before running SMSAgent.

    • Open a Command Prompt (Right-click Start > Command Prompt (Admin))
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Alphapos\ using the cd command. Unfortunately, Win8 and up do not allow us to install custom commands into the right-click menu in Explorer so we are forced back to running commands the old way.

    • Type in: SMSAgentservice /reinstall and let the service reinstall.


ODBC Connection:

In Windows 8 64bit, confirm that the ODBC connection is set up in the System DSN account for 32-bit applications.

After all this, SMSAgent should run fine. Please report any issues to the development department.

Please Note: This solution also works for Windows 10, and the Server varieties of Windows.

Know Agent Issues

Please note when setting up SMS agent to use the Turnover At Shop Cashup agent to send the stores turnover, the amount needs to be set in the turnover agent as shown below as well as the SMS should only send after 2 minutes as setting it to immediately will cause it to not send, also please note the message also only contains the turnover(not a business name, etc).

If it is not set up correctly the following error will display in the SMSAgentLog.TXT as shown below.

20171211-000001|dtLastApplied: 2017/12/10 12:00:01 AM
20171211-000001|Checking: TURNOVER LastApplied: 2017/12/10 12:00:01 AM
20171211-000001|Send?: %2017/12/11 10:00:00 PM
20171211-000001|TURNOVER not valid check again at 10:00:00 PM