This product  is no longer being developed and has been replaced with deliveree that is managed by Delivery Tribe

Driver Station was developed for delivery orders and the drivers delivering the order, it was developed to make it easier for Drivers to see which orders need to be delivered, to which driver it is assigned and who placed the order originally.

There are 2 main features behind Driver station:

    • Record the time it takes for a delivery to be made.

    • To keep a log of which driver did the delivery.

When you run Driver Station you will be greeted with this image:

Driverstation's Main Screen

Layout Description:

  1. Main menu
  2. Assigned / Unassigned Driver view
  3. Order Details
  4. Interactive Menu

The finer details of the layout is explained below.

Main Menu

The Main Menu has 3 Buttons with their selective drop menus:

  1. Settings

    1. Aura Settings

    2. DriverStation Settings

  2. Plugins

    1. Show Plugins

  3. Help

    1. About


In the settings menu you will get the Aura settings which includes all Backoffice & Invoicing specific settings. You will also see the DriverStation settings which, when selected, should open this window:

Driverstation Settings Form

There are two options in the DriverStation Settings:

  1. Items Cooked In Use

  2. Log Driver Return Times

Items Cooked in Use:

 "Items cooked in use" makes Driverstation wait for an order to be completed in the Items Cooked application before displaying it in Driverstation.

Log Driver Return Times:

"Driver Return Times" sets an option for the drivers to "clock in" to driver stations after they get back from a delivery in order to get better statistics for the delivery reports. The drivers need to Switch View and click Driver IN/OUT when the option is set in order to log their return times. 

Basic Commands for DriverStation:

This is where the Driver would be interacting most of the time.

The commands are as follows:

  1. UP (8)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 8

  2. DOWN (2)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 2

  3. TAG/UNTAG (6)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 6

  4. GROUP (7)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 7

    2. When the view is changed (Using numpad 5 or selecting the SWITCH VIEW button) this button changes to DRIVER IN/OUT (Enter)

      1. Use keyboard shortcut: ENTER

  5. ASSIGN (4)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 4

    2. When the view is changed (Using numpad 5 or selecting the SWITCH VIEW button) this button changes to RE-ASSIGN (4)

      1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 4

  6. SWITCH VIEW (5)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 5

    2. This button changes the form view on the left of this menu to show orders that are already assigned to specific drivers.

  7. QUIT (0)

    1. Use keyboard shortcut: Numpad 0

Delivery Orders & Assigning them:

A driver must be assigned to a order before a delivery can be made. When the driver is assigned to a order this window will appear:

Driver Delivery Settings Form

Settings are as follows:

  1. Odometer Reading

    1. Will store the odometer reading in the store’s Database.

  2. Current Float

    1. Show’s the amount the Driver currently has in his/her possession.

  3. Amount

    1. Updates the float with the amount typed in.

  4. Paid from Till

    1. Sets whether the amount is paid from till or not.

After all the relevant information is updated, the specific delivery order will be assigned to the driver.

If the driver is not clocked in he/she will also automatically get clocked in.

Once the order has been assigned the view in Driverstation will change as displayed below:

Orders assigned to driver

At this point a timer starts that records how long it takes for the delivery to be made.

As soon as the driver returns, it’s recommended that they go to the DriverStation and select the DRIVER IN/OUT (Enter) option to record when they have returned.

All this data gets stored on the Database for use in specific reports & cashup.

Lapsed Orders:

 After a while if an order is not assigned it will change color as shown below:

Lapsed Order


There are 2 reports directly related to Drivers and the DriverStation:

  1. Driver Delivery Report

  2. Driver Efficiency Report

The Driver Delivery Report displays a list of all drivers clocked in for the selected period, with a list of all the delivery orders taken by each driver.

The Driver Efficiency report can be used to keep track of the times your drivers are taking on their deliveries. For this report to function correctly, the drivers need to ensure that they make full use of the features of DriverStation, especially specifying when they leave the store with a certain delivery.

NOTE: If there are any figures that look unrealistic, be sure to check the times on all your computers and make sure that all the computers are on the same time and date. Aura includes a plugin for synchronizing the system times between all your computers, if you would like assistance with enabling this plugin, please contact the Aura Helpdesk.

By default, this plugin should be enabled