The Stock features of Aura provide active controls for managing and controlling stock flow into and out of your store locations. 

These functions are essential for correct stock-flow information from the reports.

Within Backoffice you should be able to:

More about security overview of GRVs here: GRVs & Security

More about Stock locations here: Stock Locations

Count Stock

The Count Stock option allows you to enter a complete or controllable stock take for a specific date. The correct capture of stock is essential for stock tracking, these stock takes are used in the calculation of variations in stock levels, over-use versus under-use, and other features unique to the Aura POS System.

The Stock Take Main Screen looks as follows:

Stock Take Details

  • Stock Take Date - Displays the date of the currently active stock take.

  • Stock Take Type - Displays whether or not the currently active stock take is a complete or controllable stock take.

  • Total Value of Stock on Hand - Displays the total monetary value of all stock accounted for in the currently active stock take.

  • Location - Displays whether the stock take is for your default location or for an alternative location.

  • Sort Order - Change the sort order of the stock items in the currently active stock take. The same three sort options are available when printing out the Stock Take Worksheet.

Item Details

  • Last Purchase Date - Displays the date that the selected stock item was purchased.

  • Last Purchase Price - Displays the cost of the last purchase for the selected stock item.

  • Last Manufacture Date - If the selected item is a manufactured item as opposed to a purchased item, the last manufacture date will show here.

  • Last Manufacture Cost - This field will display the last cost of manufacture for the selected stock item.

  • Waste % - This will display the preset wastage percentage of the selected stock item.

  • Prepped Unit Cost - Displays the cost to your store of using one measure of the selected stock item.

To begin a new stock take, or edit a previously posted stock take, click the “New/Edit” button on the toolbar above the Stock Take Details section.

After a password prompt, you will see the following screen:

Select the date for which you need to enter or modify the closing stock figures, the location for your stock take, and whether or not it is a complete stock take (All Stock Items) or a partial stock take (Controllable Stock Items Only).

Then click on OK to proceed.

To capture stock take details into Aura, simply select the relative stock item and enter the figures. With a field selected, the contents will automatically be replaced by the figure you type.

Stock take details would be captured under the Prepped and Unprepped columns.

  • The 'Prepped' column is used for stock that has been prepared for use already, ie: drinks that have been moved from the storeroom to the fridge in front, flour that has been taken out of the storeroom to the kitchen, etc.

  • The 'Unprepped' column is for bulk stock that has not been prepared for use yet.