Purchasing and returning stock in Backoffice can be completed the same way as doing a stock take, with some minor changes.

Purchase Stock

The Purchase Stock screen is used to enter any goods received vouchers for stock coming into the store. From these captured GRVs, Aura stores information vital to that item, including the stock unit cost (calculated as per the unit of measure for each item), which in turn ties directly to the recipes for your menu items.

This automatic update allows Backoffice to display the profit margin on any menu item individually; allowing you to isolate the lower performing items on your menu and optimize them to find a more cost-effective method.

The Purchase Stock Screen:

Purchase Stock Details

  • GRV Date - Select the date for which you would like to view or enter a goods received voucher.
  • Colour Indicators - This colour legend displays the status of your GRVs as per the lines in the list of GRVs. This is described in more detail below.
  • Keys - Use these shortcut keys to change the focus between the two areas of the Purchase Stock list for keyboard shortcuts.

In order to add a goods received voucher, you will need the following information:

  • Supplier Name
  • List of items with quantities and costs

  • Total order amount

  • VAT amount

To capture a new goods received voucher, click the “+” button in the GRV List section.

This will bring up a prompt for a new GRV, as seen below:

GRV Information

GRV Number, GRV Date, and Shift Number - These fields will be automatically filled in by BackOffice.

Supplier Information

Supplier - Select your supplier name from the drop-down list.

Ref # - Enter your purchase order reference number, it is generally accepted to use the order number on your invoice.

Telephone - This will pick up automatically from the selected supplier's contact number.


VAT Inc Total - The VAT Inclusive Total is the total order amount, including the full VAT amount.

VAT - BackOffice will automatically calculate the order amount before VAT according to the items purchased.


Paid From Till - Select whether or not this GRV will be paid using cash from a till shift or not. After clicking OK, BackOffice will prompt you to select a till shift to pay the GRV from.

Amount Paid - This option will only be available if paid from till.

Orders Generated from Order Manager

If you have used Aura Purchase Order Manager to generate a purchase order, you will be given an option to use the pre-generated order once the supplier has been selected. This will show a prompt.

Click on the “+” button on the toolbar in the Stock Purchases section to bring up a list of items that can be.

After selecting which item you would like to purchase, the following should appear:

GRV Details

  • GRV - This will automatically update with the GRV number of the purchase order that the stock item is being added to.
  • GRV Date - This will show the date that the selected GRV will be saved on.
  • Stock Item - Displays the stock item that you have marked for purchase. If you selected the incorrect item and need to change it, click the button to go back to the Stock Item Selector.
  • Quantity - If you are purchasing items that come pre-packed in crates or boxes, it is likely that the stock item itself has a Pack Size set up.
  • Price - The price field has also been improved in this latest version; now showing Vat Excl as well as VAT Incl values. If one field is filled in, the other will be calculated automatically.
  • Stock Location - If your stock is being purchased for a specific location, you can select a location from this from the drop-down list.
  • Location - To purchase a stock item directly into a stock location simply select the appropriate stock location from this drop-down list.

If the figures entered balance correctly, the supplier line in the GRV List section will change from being red. As well as the GRV Status bar at the bottom of the Stock Purchases section changing from 'UNDER BY R--.--' to 'BALANCED'


Return Stock

The Return Stock screen works the same as the Purchase Stock screen in reverse; allowing the stock to be taken out of your storeroom with a valid reason. If the stock is being thrown away as opposed to being returned to the supplier (as in the case of broken cans or bottles possibly), this stock should be recorded with the discard stock feature.

Important differences

  • Stock can only be returned to the supplier they were originally purchased from
  • Stock can only be returned on the same date or a date later than when it was purchased. 

By default, Aura only allows items to be returned to the supplier they were originally purchased from.

Just follow the same procedure for selecting a supplier and adding stock items as found on the Purchase Stock screen.