This solution will cover two parts, below is the Manufacturing Stock section and further down you will find Discarding Stock.

Manufacture Stock

The Manufacture Stock screen provides an interface to accurately track stock items that are used in the manufacture of other items. If an item is prepared in-store by the kitchen staff, then it is generally considered a Manufactured Stock Item.

New Entry For Manufactured Item

To capture a manufactured item, begin by pressing the “+” button on the Manufactured Items toolbar at the top of the screen. This will bring up the Stock Item Selector window. As shown below:

Select the item to enter from the list, and click on OK. This should bring you to the following screen:

Manufacture Stock Detail

  • Location - Displays the location of the selected manufacture stock item.
  • Stock # - Displays the selected manufacture stock item, along with the code to the right-hand side.
  • Batch Qty. - Select the number of times the recipe will be repeated in this session.
  • Use Master Recipe - Select this option if you will be using the preset recipe, deselect it if you will add the recipe manually for this session.

Batch Yield

  • If Use Master Recipe is ticked, this field will display the quantity that one batch of the master recipe will yield.
  • If Use Master Recipe is not ticked, you may enter the quantity that you produced from the recipe used.

When you select OK, you should see the following:

Manufacturing Using a Custom Recipe

If you find that the master recipe is different from what was actually used, you will need to manufacture the recipe without selecting Use Master Recipe.

You can create the recipe that was used in this manufacture session by clicking the Button in the Recipe For Manufacture Item section on the lower part of the window.

This will bring you to the Stock Item Selector window, this time showing items that can be added to a recipe for a manufactured item.

Select the stock item from the list and enter the quantity used in a single recipe yield.

  • Paste Master Recipe - Using this option, you can reset the recipe for the currently selected manufacture item and override it with the master recipe for that item.
  • Set As Master Recipe - If you wish to overwrite the currently saved Master Recipe with the recipe you have just set up, use this option.
  • View Master Recipe - If you would like to view what is in the Master Recipe without affecting the recipe you have currently set up, use this option.


Discard Stock

The Discard Stock screen provides an interface to account for wasted stock. The discarded stock should be captured in this screen with care, as any items 'discarded' in the Aura system are simply recorded as wastage.

New Entry for Discarded Stock Items

To send stock items to your wastage location, first select the date the stock was discarded from the top left of this screen. Once on the correct date for the discard, click on the “+” button to show the Stock Item Selector window.

After selecting the item you wish to discard, you should see the following screen:

Discard Stock Details

  • Stock Item - This will display the selected item for discard. If you wish to select a different item, click on the “...” button to return to the Stock Item Selector.
  • Quantity - Enter the quantity of the item to be discarded.
  • Prepped - If the stock being discarded has already been prepared, tick this box. If it is from the storeroom, do not tick this box.
  • Comment - This field is available to add a reason for discarding the stock.
  • Measure - Displays the unit of measure for the selected stock item.

Once the required fields have been entered, click the OK button to save. 

At this point, BackOffice will automatically update your stock list through the system, allowing you to see the information entered on your reports.