Transfer Stock

The Transfer Stock screen allows stock to be moved from one location to another.

Another use of this feature is the transfer of stock to another store.

Before you are able to transfer stock you will need to set up your stock locations and Items per location:

You can follow the link below for instructions on "How to set up stock locations and items per location"

The main Stock Transfer Screen:

Selecting Transfer Locations

To transfer stock, first select the locations to transfer to and from. Select each location from the drop-down list.

Selecting Items to Transfer

To transfer stock, click the “+” button from the Toolbar. This will bring up the Stock item Selector screen, as shown below:

Once you have selected the stock item you wish to transfer and clicked OK, you will be prompted for the quantity to transfer, as follows:

Stock Transfer Details

  • Stock Item - This will display the selected item for transfer. If you wish to select a different item, click on the “...” button to return to the Stock Item Selector.
  • Quantity - Enter the quantity of the item to be transferred.
  • Prepped - If the stock being transferred has already been prepared for use, tick this box. If it is from the storeroom, do not tick this box.
  • Comment - This field is available as a reason for transferring the stock.
  • Measure - Displays the unit of measure for the selected stock item.

Once the required information has been added, click on OK to add the stock item to the list of stock to transfer.