If the till machine cannot communicate with the server, Invoicing may disappear from the desktop or display a connection error. If this occurs, please try the following:

Re-create the shortcut to Invoicing by doing the following on the Till:

Step 1: Click Start > Run. 

(Newer versions of Windows you can simply hold down the Windows key and press R)

Step 2: In the Run command windows, Type in \\SERVER.

Step 3: A window will appear with the Alphapos folder. Double-Click Alphapos.

Step 4: In the Alphapos folder, Double-Click Aura.

Step 5: Scroll down to Invoicing.exe, then Right-Click > Send to… > Desktop (Create Shortcut)

On the Desktop of the till machine, you will now see Shortcut to Invoicing.exe. Double-click the shortcut to open Invoicing.