With Online Ordering, the customer will occasionally include a tip (Gratuity) to the driver when paying with a credit card online. These gratuities will need to be paid to the driver at the end of their shift and are accounted for in the cashup in the following way.

After an online Payment is received with a gratuity, a slip is printed with the ONLINE ORDER and **Paid Online** alerts. The slip will look like this:

The total will be the full invoice amount LESS gratuity. The gratuity will be displayed as Online Tipjust below.

NB: If the Online Tip field does not print, the store is likely running an out of date version of the AuraMEDClient service, which MUST be version or higher.


The gratuity amount is displayed on the driver’s Cashup in Cashup > Employee, as Credit Card Tips under Wage Summary:


Under Till Cashup, the gratuity amount is added to the cashup as part of money received under Gratuities. It is not included as part of the net sales. It is then deducted from the cashup in the Employee Wages section as part of money payable to the Driver. This money must be paid out when the driver is cashed up before the Cash on Hand is counted, so the cash on hand figure is less the wages (including gratuity) amount.

Shop Cashup Summary Report

Orders marked as Paid Online are displayed including the tip amount:

NB: The 'cash to be banked' figure is negative above only because there are no other cash sales.