Imaging is an application that runs on the customer-facing screen of the cashier's POS. It shows the pricing to the customer and when there is no customer, it rotates some promotions or branding artwork. It can also be shown in a drive-through on the monitor at the speakerbox.

This is what the customer sees when the cashier is ringing up an order.

If the merchant has signed up for Zapper, then it can also show the zapper QR code to the customer so that the customer can scan it to pay with Zapper.

If you have signed up for Zapper and want to enable the QR code in imaging, the setting is in Invoicing >plugins > Zapper settings. Tick the the following setting.

Running Imaging

To run the Imaging application, locate the Imaging.exe - Shortcut icon on your desktop and double click it. The imaging app will open on the secondary screen. This should be done in the morning when switching on the tills. You know it is running if there is an icon on the Windows taskbar of your till. It must be opened on each till.

Setting up Imaging to work with Invoicing

Imaging needs to be set up to connect to the secondary display monitor, otherwise, it will overlap Invoicing, and all our customers will see is a black screen. (This can be done in Invoicing or Backoffice)

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click All Computers > Program Settings > Imaging
  3. Set display monitor to Secondary
  4. Click on Apply.

General Settings (the default settings work well)

  • Display Monitor: Select which monitor Imaging must be displayed on, either Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.
  • Display Item Details: You can display more details about each item that gets displayed by checking this checkbox.

  • Text Color: This changes the color of the text that gets displayed in Imaging.

  • Background Color: This will change the background color behind your text.

  • Rotate Image Delay: Change the time it takes for the next image to be displayed.

  • Display Price while scrolling: This displays the price of each item as Imaging is rotating through items while there is no sale active.

  • Show Transaction Details: Shows details about the type of transaction, whether it’s paid with cash or credit card for instance.

  • Show Line-item Price: Shows the individual price for each line item on Imaging.

  • Detail Width: The percentage of space used to display detail text

  • Show Total Price: Whether to show the total price for each transaction or not.

These options can all be disabled as well so that Imaging only displays images of choice and no other details or text.

Combo Stores

In a combo store, you might want to filter the artwork shown on one till to be from a particular brand while another till shows artwork from a different brand. This can be done in the invoicing settings on each till as shown below.

How to change the artwork

If your computer is running Windows 10, then you don't need to do anything - your Aura POS will download the correct artwork for you.

If you are still running a discontinued version of Windows such as Windows XP, then you will have to manually download the artwork and install it. The link to download the artwork is included on the menu brief that is sent to Franchisees. Alternatively, the helpdesk can email it to you if you ask them by emailing