In Aura you can create as many stock locations as required. These will help a lot with displaying certain information on reports a lot more accurately such as if you have multiple locations set up correctly it might even help with displaying variances more accurately.

Different Stock Locations & Types

There are a couple of Stock Locations that you will come across in Aura;

  • Default
  • Wastage
    • Wastage will only be used when discarding of stock
    • Wastage cannot be deleted or edited
  • (Brand/Custom)
    • The naming here depends on what brand of store it is.
    • You can also have your own unique stock locations.

Every store will have the default stock location, it cannot be deleted or edited. However it can be used in the following situations:

  1. Stock Takes
  2. Manufacturing Stock
  3. Transferring Stock

There are 2 types of Stock Locations in Aura;

  • Internal
    • These are all locations situated inside you store such as a Fridge.
  • External
    • External Locations are not located inside the store.

Depending on your store there will be some stock locations already set up. For instance, here is an example of a combo store:


As you can see from the image above, it uses 6 locations.
The important ones are:

  • 17 - Example Location
  • 1017 - Example Location 2
  • 1018 - Example External Location

If it were a stand alone store for instance, only there would usually only be one internal and one external location. This depends from store to store.

Accessing Stock Locations

To access stock locations do the following:

  1. Open Backoffice.exe
  2. Select List
  3. Select Stock
  4. Select Locations

A new form should open in Backoffice that shows the current locations available.

Creating a new Stock Location

You should still be in Stock Locations. To add a location is very easy:

Click on the + button. The following form should appear:

You could also show the commission settings by clicking on >>. The following should appear:

From here you can set the Location Description to anything you want.

You can also set whether the location is an external location or not.

If you do select this, a security prompt will appear:


Type in your password to proceed.

NOTE: Any stock transferred to an external location will not be included in the default reports or calculations for the stock items.

You can also set the commission for the location.

After adding your location it should be displayed on the list of current locations, as shown below:

Stock Items Per Location

If you want items to be in your stock location then you will have to add them manually. You can do this by doing the following:

  1. Open Backoffice.exe
  2. Select Lists
  3. Select Stock
  4. Select Stock Per Location as shown below:

After opening Items Per Location you will be able to select which items will be stored in which location.

There are a couple of things to note about this:

  • It is important to understand how Locations work. Let's look at the following example: we will work with three locations, Default (which always exists), Alpha and Beta. If a menu item is in the Sales Location "Alpha", while the stock items in its recipe are in either "Default" or "Beta", this feature will move these stock items into the "Alpha" location.
  • Any changes made within Items Per Location are saved automatically and cannot be rolled back.

 When opening Items Per Location it should look like the following:

From this form, you can choose which items will be stores in which location.

Keep in mind that taking an item from one location and moving it to another will remove that item from the first location as explained above.

Stock Takes

Stock Takes will be affected by Stock Locations. The location for each stocktake can be changed, and the stock will only be displayed for that location.

As shown below:



If there are no stock items set for the location then the location will not be available when doing a stock take.

Manufacturing Stock

Manufactured stock is stored in Stock Locations, you can set the location for the manufactured stock by doing the following:

  1. Open Backoffice.exe
  2. Select Activities
  3. Select Stock
  4. Select Manufactur Stock

The following screen should appear, select the drop-down menu next to Stock Locations as displayed below:

Stock Transfer

Stock can be transferred from one location to another. Stock Transfer can be accessed by doing the following: 

  1. Open Backoffice.exe
  2. Select Activities
  3. Select Stock
  4. Select Transfer Stock

You will be able to set two Stock Locations in Transfer Stock, the From location and the To location as shown below:


Stock Variance & Reports

Your locations affect stock variance, and a lot of times if stock variance does not seem accurate it could be due to locations not being set up properly. Or certain items being linked to the incorrect stock location. These are all things to consider when checking stock variance.

Reports that involve Stock Locations:

  • Stock Variance
  • Net Stock Movement
  • Stock Purchases

All other stock reports can be found in Reports > Stock

If you want your variance to be more accurate, setting up more locations correctly for certain items could help with this. Keep track of how stock moves between locations by running the Stock Variance Report / Net Stock Movement Detailed Report.