Our automatic discounts application recently got a revamp, to make it easier for new clients to work with the application but also to help out clients that are already used to it by adding more advanced features. The following document will cover automatic discounts.

Accessing Automatic Discounts:

To access automatic discounts, certain properties have to be set, but navigating to the application can be as easy as follows:

  1. Open Backoffice
  2. Select Lists > Discount Codes
  3. Create a new Discount

To make sure that automatic discounts will work with a discount, the following settings have to be set within a discount code:

Visual Example of settings for automatic discount codes

  • REF: (Create a reference of your choice, for easy recognition)
  • DESCRIPTION: (Create a short description to compliment your reference)
  • DISCOUNT AMT: (Set the discount amount/percentage)
  • FIXED: (This checkbox has to be selected for automatic discounts)
  • ACTIVE: (This checkbox has to be selected for automatic discounts)
  • AUTO APPLY: (This checkbox has to be selected for automatic discounts)

Once all the properties are set as explained above, select the ellipse button next to auto-apply, as displayed below:

Visual of launch button for Auto Discounts

Setting up Items for Automatic Discounts:

After selecting the above button, the following window should open:


Automatic Discount Codes application

As you can see, there are quite a lot of options and it might be a bit disorientating at first. However, it is very easy to understand, as soon as you know how to add the first item.

To add a new item right-click on the large white space on the left. The following context menu should appear:

  • NEW: Adds a new property
  • RENAME: Renames the selected property
  • DELETE: Deletes the selected property

After initially setting up a property, the application should represent the following:

Automatic Discounts Application after adding details

List of Properties

  • These are all your properties named as per your choice.
  • With each new property, new rules can be set for it.
  • With each new property, new items can be added/removed.
  • You can add more than one item per property.

Match Rules

  • Menu Items will be selected from here by selecting the ellipse button on the right.
  • You can set the quantity per item here.
  • You can set whether the discount applies to menu items or categories.

This is the list of menu items

  • These items are affected by the automatic discount.
  • These items are only relevant to the current property that is selected.

After setting up your automatic discounts, you should be able to ring it up without any issues.

Ringing up an Automatic Discount:

Follow these steps to ring up an automatic discount.

Please note: Automatic discounts are dependent on how they were set up. Certain discounts only apply at a specific time, or only when a certain combination of items were rung up. So please make sure that you have set up the discount correctly.

  1. Open Invoicing
  2. Ring up a new order (Counter / Table or Delivery)
  3. Select the item that the automatic discount applies to    
  4. Remember about time-specific discounts
  5. After ringing up the item and entering the payments page, the following notice should appear: 

If you select YES on the above notification, then your payment screen will change to the following: 

 After this, you should be all set for Automatic Discounts and understanding how they work.