It is a fact of life that at some point, every computer ever made is going to stop working. You rely on these computers to generate your income, so if one is not working, you are losing money. If the server is not working, you are trading manually and losing a lot of money.

Cosoft offers a full range of hardware that is very competitively priced. We don't dispute that if you shop around, you might find a computer that is slightly cheaper, but we want our customers to be aware that there are some risks involved in taking this route. Risks that can end up very costly.

  • Our hardware is ruggedised and suitable for restaurants. Harddrives are solid state, tills are fanless. 
  • The hardware is high quality branded equipment from HP, Hisense or Epson.
  • The hardware carries a 3 year warranty.

Despite this, all hardware will fail at some point, so we've had to design a system to compliment the hardware that reduces your down time in the event of a disaster.

  • ** If you buy your hardware from Cosoft, we will arrive with an identical unit, plug it in and you are up and running in no time. The job is then closed. You keep the working hardware and we keep your faulty unit. We do not need to send it for repairs and then return it to your store and disrupt your trading for a second time.
  • This instant exchange service is available 24/7.

If you buy hardware elsewhere, you will have a real nightmare when it fails. Who is going to fix it? How long will that take? How will you trade in the interim? Once you get it fixed, then you still need us to come and re-install the software. This means more delays. We know for certain and from experience that the pain that our customers feel is enormous when 3rd party hardware fails and we don't want that. This is why we want you to buy your hardware from Cosoft. It is simply and only that by doing so, you are giving yourself the best possible experience over time.

** Our instant exchange service is available for three years while the computer is covered by warranty. After that, we will install a loan unit and send yours for a repair quote.