This is a part of a series of Solutions on creating a menu in Aura. You can find the other parts here:

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The full guide can be downloaded as a PDF here:

AURA Menu Creation Guide

Before a menu can be created, Aura requires a library of stock items from which to build the recipes of menu items. Stock items refer to physical stock used to manufacture products, in-house manufactured stock such as sauces, or consumables such as staff food, packaging or cleaning products.

1. Creating Stock Categories

Stock Categories are used to organise your stock items. They will be sorted by their categories on your stock reports and stock management screens in Backoffice, so make sure to use a logical category naming system (i.e DAIRY, MEAT, PACKAGING etc.).

In Backoffice, navigate to the Stock Categories page:

  • Lists > Stock > Categories


Create a category by clicking the [+] button, and enter the name of each category in the cell under Category Description. Click the [✔] to save the category.

NB: You can double-click a category to edit it, and use the [ - ] to delete a category. Categories can only be deleted if no stock items are assigned to them.

Part 2: Stock Items