This is a part of a series of Solutions on creating a menu in Aura. You can find the other parts here:

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The full guide can be downloaded as a PDF here:

AURA Menu Creation Guide

With our menu items added, we can now create picklists. In short, picklists refer to any choice of item that appears when selecting another item. For example: with a breakfast, you could have the eggs soft or hard boiled, a choice of vegetables or mashed potato, etc. This is done by creating a customized list of options, and assigning that list to a menu item. You can have multiple picklists assigned to one item (e.g selecting a ‘special’ menu item that allows you to choose any small pizza, then any side dish, then any flavour of drink) or even have a picklist item that triggers another picklist, such as selecting a special that lets you choose any pizza, which has a picklist that lets you choose what base that pizza has. As you can see, knowing how to set a picklist is very important to having a good menu design.

Navigate to the Picklist page:

  • Lists > Menu > Picklists


Here you’re presented a screen with three panels which allow you to build the picklists. The rightmost panel (C) lists all available menu items (or categories), either to be part of a picklist, or to have a picklist assigned to them. The centre panel (B), is your list of created picklists. This is blank at this stage because no picklists have been added yet. The left panel (A) contains the list of items or categories that have picklists assigned.

To make a picklist, do the following:

  1. Select a menu item from the list in C, and click and drag it to A. Make sure to drop it on the words Menu Items with picklists. The item will now show in the list below Menu Items with picklists as a branched item.

  2. Right click in panel B and select New Picklist. This picklist can be renamed by pressing [F2] on the keyboard or by a slow double-click. It’s a good idea to name it in a manner that you can tell what its for or what it contains (e.g, name it “Topping Choice” if it is to contain a list of available toppings for an item).


  3. From the list of menu items in C, drag and drop each choice onto the picklist in B.

  4. Once the picklist is complete, drag and drop the picklist from B onto the menu item that requires it in A.

Below is an illustration of the process.

NB: You can go back and edit the picklist name or items at any time. You do not need to re-assign the picklist to it’s parent item at all.


There are several options that can be applied to the picklists themselves, available from the options at the bottom of B:

  • Picklist Selection Price:
    • Largest of Same Type - Selecting this option, will set the price of all menu items in this picklist to be the same as the highest price of any item in that same category.

    • Same Price as Selected Menu Item - This option will leave the price of the menu item the same as if it was rung up on it's own.

    • Override Price - This will give you an option to select a price to override the charge to. Set the price override in the field below (-1 by default, which needs to be changed) this can be used to set picklist prices to 0, in the cases of combos where the price is determined by parent items.

  • Compulsory - if this option is set, a choice must be selected to continue the sale. Otherwise the picklist can be cancelled.

  • Number of Selections - This is how many times an option can be selected (With the toppings example above, you can set if you want to offer 3 different choices of toppings from the list).

  • Picklist Item Selection Size - If you include a category instead of individual menu items, you can narrow the available options further by specifying a size as well. This will only work if the menu items in a selected category have sizes assigned to them.

That’s all there is to it. We would suggest that after setting each picklist to open Invoicing and test the picklist to make sure it works correctly.