If your computer is not booting into Windows, please take the following steps:

1. Check Power/Cables

If the computer doesn't do anything at all when pressing power, check to see that the power cable is secure and hasn't come loose. On the Server, the power cable is found at the back of the computer. On All-In-One workstations, the power is often found underneath the screen and looks like a small round connector with four prongs.

HP Server/Tower PC Power Connector                All-In-One Workstation Power Connector

If the computer still does nothing after this, check that there is power to the socket where the computer is plugged in. If the socket has no power, the problem is with the electrical supply. If the computer is using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), check that the UPS cables are plugged in and that the UPS is switched on. If it is on, it will have a green light on the font.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

If the UPS is faulty, it may be bypassed by connecting the input and output power cables together. If this is the case, please arrange a replacement as soon as possible.

If all of these have been checked and the computer still does not respond, contact the helpdesk for further assistance.

2. Check Buttons/Monitor

If the computer sounds as if it's starting up but the screen stays blank, check that the monitor is switched on by pressing the power button on the monitor and waiting a few seconds for it to respond. If the monitor light is on but orange, check the display cable at the back of the monitor is connected securely, and the display cable connected to the computer tower is also connected securely. The display cable has a square connector with screws on either side, usually blue or black in colour.

 VGA video connector

3. Check Error Messages.

IF the screen comes on and the computer begins to boot and then fails, take note of any error messages, shut down the machine. Leave it off for a few minutes and attempt to boot it again. If it still fails, contact the Aura helpdesk for further assistance.