Online Ordering Callcentre system

Together with Yumbi and Euphoria, Aura  has devised a callcentre system in order to improve on Customer experience and store efficiency. Going forward, delivery stores may utilise a dedicated callcentre to handle telephonic orders. The process of this is simple; a customer phones the store directly using the store's existing telephone number, but will instead be routed by the Euphoria telephone system to the Yumbi callcentre, where a callcentre agent will use the Yumbi web portal to place an order online, which will be sent automatically to the Aura POS system where it will be saved and printed. This process means that the store's cashiers will be able to focus on the customers in store, while telephone customers are still assisted. Orders placed this way will be considered to be 'Online orders'.

The callcentre agent will communicate directly with the customer on the phone, but are still able to transfer the customer through to the store if needed. The callcentre agent may also contact the store directly if they wish to pass on specific information.



 In order to be able to utilize Online Ordering (and by extension the callcentre system) and have it integrated with the Aura POS, the store will need to be using POS hardware that is supplied by Cosoft or POS hardware that is approved as per Cosoft's Recommended  Hardware Spec Sheet.

 Of this hardware, the store needs a minimum of a server (which may also serve as a till), a supported slip printer to print the orders, and a permanent internet connection. 3G dongles or dial up connections are not at all supported by the Aura system and it's Online Ordering service.


 All stores using Online Ordering require Aura POS version 6.3.19 and up, running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. In addition, the online ordering module for Aura needs to be installed and correctly configured on the Aura system. In order to make certain this is done correctly, please contact the Aura Helpdesk at 0860 994 155.




Receiving an Online Order

Typically, when an online order is sent through to a store using Aura, The online ordering system will automatically process it and print it to the store’s production and invoice printers. Saved online orders are listed under the Outstanding tab on the AURA Invoicing program’s main screen. 


Depending on what the customer has asked for, the order may be a Collect or Delivery, and the order will be labelled as either under the Type heading. If the order is a delivery, it may be assigned to a driver as per normal.

Orders that are paid online will be indicated as such on the slip. Below is an example of online order Invoice and Production slip.


Special Orders

If an order fails to be processed correctly in Aura, it will process automatically to the Yumbi GSM Printer, which will print out the order information. These orders must still be processed in Aura using the Special Order function(Or Manual Online Order as it’s otherwise known) in Invoicing using the following steps:

1. Click on the Special Order button as shown below:




NB: If the Special Orders button doesn't appear on Invoicing, Please contact the Aura Helpdesk for assistance in adding the function.

The following window should appear with two prompts:


  • Reference number for this order is a number that is printed on the Yumbi GSM printer when the Online Orders server cannot communicate with the store's client. See the image of a Yumbi slip below where we have highlighted where the reference number prints:



  • Tip Amount  is the value of any gratuity that is included in the order

  • Order Amount is the total amount of the order, as it appears on the Yumbi Slip.

2. Capture the figures in the available fields. It should look something like this:




NB: The reference number would usually have either a C or D in it, which informs you whether the order is for a delivery [D] or a collect [C] order.

3. Click the Validate button. A new window should appear, and depending on whether it’s a collect or delivery order, it’ll either be the Customer Lookup or the Order window. From here you should be able to finish the order manually. Make sure to add the correct menu items with the correct total value or else the order will fail.


an online order may fail for a number of reasons. Here are some basic issues and steps to resolve them:

The store is offline on the Yumbi Website

  • Make sure that you have internet connectivity. If the internet is down, the service will not be able to communicate with the server. You will need to contact your ISP for internet troubleshooting.

  • Stores are taken offline outside of the trading times specified on the Yumbi server. If a store changes their trading times, they need to notify Yumbi to adjust their trading times on the server.

  • The Online Ordering service may not be running correctly. Try rebooting the server in order to restart and reconnect the service.

  • As a safety mechanism, the service takes the store offline in the event of multiple failed orders. In order to resolve this, the cause of the order failure must first be addressed. Once it is fixed and a test order is sent through, the store goes online again.

The store is online, but orders are not processing to Aura

  • Make sure the store is on the latest menu version. If the menu version is up to date. The online order may be trying to process items that are not available if the store is on an old menu.

  • Check the printers that the orders print to are online, connected and available. This also means that the computers that the printers are connected to also need to be online.

Support Procedure

In the event that the suggested troubleshooting above does not work, further support will be required. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may contact the Aura Helpdesk (0860 994 155for assistance:

  • If orders begin printing to the Yumbi printer and do not appear on the Aura system.

  • If the store is offline during trading hours yet there is an active internet connection.

  • If you wish to change the printing configuration for online orders.

  • If there is a problem with the order on your cash up, slip, or other Aura areas.

You may contact Yumbi Support for the following:

  • If you wish to change trading times on the website

  • If you wish to refund an already paid online order.


Online/Call center Card payments and Cashup

All card payments made through the Call center whether collect or delivery will be handled in the same way as an order placed directly from the Yumbi website - as an order that is Paid Online. This is displayed on your cash up as separated from credit cards handled in store:


Driver Tips

The customer will occasionally include a tip (gratuity) to the driver when paying with a credit card online. These gratuities will need to be paid to the driver at the end of their shift and are accounted for in the cashup in the following ways:

  • After an online Payment is received with a gratuity and then assigned to a driver, the gratuity amount is displayed on the driver’s Cashup in Cashup > Employee, as Credit Card Tips under Wage Summary:


  • Under Till Cashup, the gratuity amount is added to the cash up as part of money received under Gratuities. It is not included as part of the net sales. It is then deducted from the cash up in the Employee Wages section as part of money payable to the Driver.


Overringing an online order

In the event that a callcentre-processed order needs to be changed or modified, an Over-ring of the order may be necessary . The minimum order value for a delivery is R50, so the phone operators cannot make a new order for the coke, so they may transfer the call to the front counter and either the store manager or the cashiers will need to find the order in Aura and overring it. Afterwards, they will need to re-ring the order up. If the order was paid online, The cashier will need to ensure that the order is processed as a Cash sale (not credit card) since the value of an online payment will stay in place on the cashup, due to the fact that online orders are not refunded by the act of overringing.



Aura has a number of reports that allow you to keep track of your online orders:

Online Orders by Invoice Source

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Invoice Source

The Online Orders by Invoice Source report shows details of all orders placed through any online ordering interfaces linked to your store. This will appear as Generic Online or  Yumbi for online orders placed to stores, Callcentre for orders placed through the Callcentre system, and Invoicing for online orders that were processed manually through the special orders function. It will also indicate if the order was paid Online or Offline (Cash on delivery/collect):


Online Orders by Payment Type

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Payment Type

This report displays your online orders by the method in which they were paid, which will usually be Creditcard or Cash.


Online Orders by Transaction Type

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Transaction Type

This report sorts your online orders by Collect or Delivery transaction types.