NB: This solution is intended for stores that are part of a franchise, whose menus are set by headoffice and distributed by Cosoft to the Aura system. Stores that maintain their own menus should look at the Menu Creation Guide solutions for information as to how to maintain their menus

For franchised stores, the menu that appears on the Aura system is set by their head office, and is updated automatically as long as the store has an internet connection and is correctly authenticated with the Aura Enterprise system.

If you have not received your new menu automatically, we suggest rebooting your server computer first before contacting the support desk.

If you want to check that you're running the correct version of your menu, or want to check for updates, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Open Backoffice or Invoicing. At the bottom of the window, the current menu version will display next to your Store ID.

NB: If there is no menu version or StoreID, your Aura version may be incorrect. Please contact Aura Support. If your menu version or store ID shows as -1, please contact Aura Support.

Step 2:

If your menu version is not correct, you can see if it's been downloaded and waiting to be activated by checking AEC (the Aura Enterprise Client). Open AEC by clicking Start > All Programs> Aura Enterprise Client > AEC Control Panel.

Step 3:
Click Aura > Menu Update. This page will show you the versions of your Current, Pending and Backup menus.

If the Pending Menu Version is higher than the Current Menu Version, that means that there is a menu waiting to be activated. The Menu Activation Date is the date that menu will become active.

If the Pending menu version is higher than the current and the Menu Activation Date is current or a past date, you can manually activate the menu by clicking the Activate Downloaded Menu Now button.

If the Activate Downloaded Menu Now button does not show, it means that there is no new menu to activate.

NB: In the case of a broken or incorrect menu, you can revert to the previous menu version as indicated under Backup Menu Version by clicking Restore Backup Menu. You can only revert back one iteration of the menu.