ura offers integration with select third-party payment solutions. We will cover these in this document, including where to find these payment options and a bit more info about each one.

Aura currently supports the following third party payment solutions:

  1. Celbux
    • Celbux is a free and secure mobile payment solution. It has the attributes of a traditional bank account with mobile application functionality.
    • Website: https://www.celbux.com/
  2. ConnetVoucher
  3. wiCode
  4. YumbiVouchers
  5. Zapper
    • With Zapper you can pay bills in a matter of seconds and quickly log in and sign up to websites, without using a keyboard.
    • Website: https://www.zapper.com/about.php

Integration into Aura

All payment options can be found on the payment screen in Invoicing, they are all grouped together with a separate selection menu for the third-party payment options. Which can be found by following these steps:

1. Open Invoicing and ring up an order, proceed to the Payment Screen as shown below:

2. Select the Other Payments button and the following selection menu should appear:

From this menu, you should be able to select whichever payment option the client wishes to use.

The workflow of Third Party Payments

Each payment has its own interface to work with and as such will display different information to the cashier and client depending on the service used.


After selecting the Celbux option from the selection above the following should appear:

From here you can enter the amount for payment if it has not already been entered by the system.

After selecting OK, the following should appear:

Once you enter your voucher number Invoicing will confirm whether it was successful or not.


After selecting the ConnetVoucher option from the selection above the following should appear:

Connet is a voucher system so the client will provide a unique code, type the code into the area above and Invoicing should inform the cashier whether the code was successful or not.


After selecting the wiCode option from the selection above the following should appear:

You can use either a QR code that would be scanned by the camera set up at the till or you can receive a code from the wiCode software. In this specific case we will use the code for documenting purposes, as shown below:

This is the screen shown to clients as they are about to pay from their phones.

After giving the code to the cashier, and the cashier entering the code, if successful the following image should appear on the till:

As shown above you can see the order was successful, if it is unsuccessful an error message will appear with details about why it failed.


The YumbiVoucher documentation can be found in the following link: YumbiVoucher Solution


After selecting the Zapper payment option from the selection above the following should appear:

The client will use their phone to scan the QR code, this QR code can also be printed on the slip. And payment will be done on the client's side. If the payment was successful then the image above will change to reflect that. If it failed then it will display details on why it failed.