How do Vouchers work?

All vouchers supplied by Yumbi will have a unique code that is tied to a cellphone number. These codes will apply a pre-set voucher amount, which can be redeemed online or in-store.

Redeeming Online:

  1. Log into your account and start your order process on the relevant ordering platforms
  2. Select the items you wish to order
  3. Select the Checkout button as displayed below:

  4. Scroll down to where your total is displayed, and click Add a Voucher:

  5. The following form will appear:

  6. Add your unique code and then click Add Voucher for the code to be applied. The total will change to reflect the voucher code, as shown below:

Redeeming at Store using Aura Invoicing

Through Invoicing you can use YumbiVouchers to apply discounts to your meal. Invoicing utilizes an Aura Module that goes by the same name (YumbiVouchers) to connect to the Yumbi server and check the authenticity of vouchers supplied by clients.

The workflow for applying a voucher within Aura is as following:

New Voucher Procedure

1.  When a customer presents a voucher to be processed, the cashier must first ring up their order in Invoicing as normal.

2. Before clicking Send/Print, the cashier must click the extras button twice to cycle to the new Vouchers option.

3. After clicking Vouchers, the option to select Yumbi Vouchers will appear.

4. Click Yumbi Vouchers, and the Yumbi Vouchers window will open. Enter the Voucher Code and Cellphone number, then click Check.

The code will be verified and depending on the code, the Voucher Type will be displayed:

5. Click Use to apply the voucher.

NB: Discount type vouchers are invoice discounts ONLY - they can't be applied as line (item)  discounts. The only way they can be canceled after applying is to abort the transaction. Only one voucher of any kind can be applied to a sale.

6. Click Send/Print to complete the order. The payment screen will display as usual. Depending on the voucher type, either the Total will be reduced or the payment amount will be displayed under Other. If there is a remainder it can be paid off using another method.


  • Yumbi Vouchers can still be accessed on the Payment screen, but at this stage, only Payment type vouchers are accepted - Discount type vouchers will return an 'Invalid Voucher Type' response, and the payment will need to be canceled so it can be processed up via the extras menu:

  • Discount type vouchers can also be applied through the Disc menu in Invoicing:

Partial Payments - Collects and Deliveries

When Collects or Deliveries are placed online or telephonically and the Payment voucher type is used, the amount of the voucher will be added under the Other payment type.  The customer slip will show much they have paid with the voucher at the bottom of the slip where it says Payments Received

The customer will only need to pay how much is shown where it says Still Due.

In Cashup, that portion of the invoice will be marked as 'Paid Already' on a driver's cashup even if the order hasn't been completed yet. Any remainder can be paid off using another payment method.

Manual Online Orders

When processing a manual online order that has been partially paid using a payment voucher type, you will still need to capture the full order amount on the initial Special orders processing screen. 

You will then be prompted to enter the value of any amount that may have been paid using a payment voucher. If this amount is invalid the code will fail.