If you choose to de-franchise your store and establish your own brand, you may continue to use Aura - The biggest difference is that you would have the access and ability to edit your own menu data and recipes. Everything else will be the same as you are used to.

Due to brand contracts, you will not be able to retain your existing database or any data from that database without consent from the brand, and Cosoft will not be able to assist you with bringing any data from before defranchising without written permission from the brand. The data is considered to be the legal property of the brand.

For these reasons, and to avoid problems of old data causing problems and inconsistencies with the new menu, de-franchising requires that a new, blank database is installed on your system. Because this will mean re-capturing Employees, system settings and configurations, streets and delivery areas, etc, we highly recommend you book a call out with us by contacting the Aura Helpdesk, so as to have an experienced technician on-site to help with the database swap-over and setup. Please be advised that on average the process takes at least two hours, so be sure to book the call out for the appropriate time.

Cosoft will create your first menu iteration for free. Thereafter, you may maintain your own menu, or have Cosoft maintain it. In either case, then you will need to contact the menu department via email to menus@cosoft.co.za. Depending on the complexity of the menu, we will need 2-3 weeks minimum to create your menu for you.

  • You maintain your own menu
    We will offer as much free training as you need but the data capture into the POS will be done by yourself.

  • Cosoft maintains your menu
    This service is usually offered to bigger brands and as such Cosoft charges a fee of R14 808 (ex vat for the year of 2020) per menu profile per year for this service. This is preferable if you are planning on running multiple stores with multiple menu profiles that need to be updated regularly. We also have strict timelines and procedures in place that need to be followed by ourselves and by you. This is because there must be traceability and responsibility in case of any errors or deadlines not being met. We have sign-off procedures in place where we will require that you or your nominated POS representative assess our work for accuracy and sign off 1 week before launch.  


For the design of the menu, we require the following information on an Excel document. Please note you are able to provide many types of additional information on the spreadsheet which we will include in the menu.
  • Menu items with updated prices and codes
  • Stock items with codes and unit of measure
  • Manufactured/production items with codes, recipes, and yields
  • Recipes for menu items
  • Samples of the format will be sent to you.