Activity Reports

Activity reports are one of the best ways to keep track of user behaviour on the Aura system. Every action that is performed in Aura that uses an access permission or alters data is recorded to Aura’s Activity Log. This activity can be reviewed using the Activity Reports under Reports > Activity.


Report Types

There are three types of activity reports:

  • Activity Report by Activity Code: This report will group activities by the activity itself. This is very useful to identify which user has been making a particular action i.e modifying cashup entries.

  • Activity Report by Activity Filter: This report will filter activity history by the keyword you type in. If you type in “Stock”, for example, it will give you results from multiple activities such as “To Perform a Stock Take” and “To Discard Stock”. This is useful if you’re trying to identify activity in a more general area.

  • Activity Report by Employee: This will group activities by employee. Activities will be listed in chronological order. This report is good for investigating the actions of a particular user and identifying patterns of behaviour by that user over time.


Analyzing Activity Reports

It’s important to be able to interpret the information that the reports display correctly. Due to the volume of information that is displayed on the reports, some of the data may be abbreviated. Look at the following breakdown of some activity reports to see the way in which the information is presented:


System Health Reports

The System Health reports have been designed to assist store owners and managers to detect potential problems in the store by analyzing information and displaying results that are out of the norm, or that may significantly affect particular areas of the system.

For this document, we’ll only be looking at the reports that could highlight problems with system security.

Report Types

  • Cashup Health Report: This report identifies incorrect or incomplete cashups. If there are problems here, it’s recommended to rectify them and then checking on your Cashup Settings to prevent these problems from occurring again.

  • Employee Health Report: This report highlights potential security problems with employees, such as high commissions, and what categories have restricted access to sensitive information.

  • Stock Health Report: This reports looks for a number of important stock control information, such as Days missing a stock take and Stock Takes and GRV’s edited more than 24 hours after their posting.