Aura has a number of settings relating to access and security on the system. These can be accessed in Invoicing under Settings, or in Backoffice under Preferences > System Settings. As with Access Permissions, most of these settings will be dependant on the measure of access that the store wants to allow the employees. However it is still important to know that these settings exist and what effect they have.

Blind Cashup

Specific Computer > Invoicing Settings: Prevents the cashup screen from showing the Net Sales, Gross Sales, Credit Cards, GRVs paid from till, or whether the till is over / under. Essentially, the cashier doing the cashup on their own till will enter their cash on hand, their credit cards, and any petty cash payments. This can be set per till.

Cashups on tills with Blind Cashup enabled will look like this:

Allow Reprint

Specific Computer > Printer Settings: With this option disabled, Aura Invoicing will prevent anyone from re-printing any order's customer and production slip from the current day despite their access level.

Separate Invoicing Passwords

All Computers > Program Settings > General: Allows an employee of manager level or higher to have two separate passwords, one for general use, and a second for Invoicing only. This is useful in a scenario where a manager or franchisee’s password may be seen during the front of house use and used to access settings or Backoffice.

The new invoicing password can be set by the employee on Page 2 of their employee settings in Lists > Employee > Employee:

Force Password Change Every [X] Day(s)

All Computers > Program Settings > General: Forces all employees passwords to expire after the set number of days, asking them at that point to enter their current password and select a new password in order to continue. This is useful as it reduces the likelihood of stolen passwords

Cashup Settings

All Computers > Program Settings > Cashup: This settings page controls how cashups are handled. The settings under the heading Tills cannot be LOCKED if set conditions that must be met before cashups can be completed. It’s highly recommended to have these settings always enabled to make sure that your cashups are done properly.

  • Invoices are outstanding - Check for any orders that have not been paid.

  • Any till shifts are open - Checks to see if any till shifts are not ended and posted.

  • Drivers are not cashed up - Checks for any drivers that have not yet been cashed up (posted into an active till shift).

  • One Shop cashup per day - This ensures that tills cannot be started again once the shop is posted.

  • Cannot open tills if previous days Shop cashup is unposted - This ensures that the previous day’s cashup is properly addressed before new shifts can be started.

These settings can be disabled if necessary as a temporary workaround to cashup issues, but it’s always highly recommended that they are enabled again as soon as the cashup problems are resolved.