All card payments made through Online Ordering or the Call centre whether it is a collect/delivery will be handled in the same way as an order placed directly from the Yumbi website - as an order that is Paid Online. This is displayed on your cashup as separated from credit cards handled in store:


Driver Tips(Gratuity)

The customer will occasionally include a tip (gratuity) to the driver when paying with a credit card online. These gratuities will need to be paid to the driver at the end of their shift and are accounted for in the cashup in the following ways:

  • After an online payment is received with a gratuity and then assigned to a driver, the gratuity amount is displayed on the driver’s Cashup in Cashup > Employee, as Credit Card Tips under Wage Summary:

  • Under Till Cashup, the gratuity amount is added to the cashup as part of money received under Gratuities. It is not included as part of the net sales. It is then deducted from the cashup in the Employee Wages section as part of money payable to the Driver.


Overriding an online order

In the event that a call center-processed order needs to be changed or modified, an Over-ring of the order may be necessary. The minimum order value for delivery is R50, so the phone operators cannot make a new order for the coke, so they may transfer the call to the front counter and either the store manager or the cashiers will need to find the order in Aura and overring it. Afterward, they will need to re-ring the order up. If the order was paid online, The cashier will need to ensure that the order is processed as a Cash sale (not credit card) since the value of the online payment will stay in place on the cashup, due to the fact that online orders are not refunded by the act of overriding.

Partial Payments - Collects and Deliveries

When an order is placed online or by the Call centre and the Yumbi Payment voucher type is used, the amount of the voucher will be added under the Other payment type.  The customer slip will show much they have paid with the voucher at the bottom of the slip where it says Payments Received

The customer will only need to pay how much is shown where it says Still Due.

In Cashup, that portion of the invoice will be marked as 'Paid Already' on a driver's cashup even if the order hasn't been completed yet. Any remainder it can be paid off using another payment method.


Driver cashup with an outstanding but partially paid invoice assigned. Note that the Total Orders figure still includes the total invoice value.


Aura has a number of reports that allow you to keep track of your online orders:

Online Orders by Invoice Source

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Invoice Source

The Online Orders by Invoice Source report shows details of all orders placed through any online ordering interfaces linked to your store. This will appear as Generic Online or  Yumbi for online orders placed to stores, Call centre for orders placed through the Call centre system, and Invoicing for online orders that were processed manually through the function of the special order. It will also  indicate if the order was paid Online or Offline (Cash on delivery/collect):


Orders by Payment Type

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Payment Type

This report displays your online orders by the method in which they were paid, which will usually be Credit card or Cash.


Online Orders by Transaction Type

Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Transaction Type

This report sorts your online orders by Collect or Delivery transaction types.