As of the 1st of April 2018, the SA national VAT rate will be increasing to 15%. This means that it will be important to update your VAT in Aura accordingly.

Set Permissions

1. Log into Backoffice.

2. Confirm that the manager who will be changing the VAT Rate has the access permission To Change VAT Rate; this can be done by going to access permissions and following the next steps:

- Select the employee category Manager.
- Use the search bar on the right to find the access permission To Change VAT Rate and select it.
- Once the access permission has been selected click on the 'finger pointing upwards' button.

- Make sure the access permission is under the Allowed Activities for Manager.

3. Once the manager has the required access permission. You can now click on Preferences

4. Then click on System Settings > All Computers > Store Settings and locate the Vat Rate currently set to 14.

5. Click on the block next to the VAT Rate and change it to 15. Once the VAT rate is changed click on Apply.

6. Once you have clicked on Apply, a pop-up confirmation message will appear, select Yes to confirm.

7. Once confirmed Backoffice will require a password to change the VAT Rate, the manager would need to enter his/her password and click

on OK.

- If the user has the required access the following confirmation message will appear:

NOTE: Please select NO, DO NOT SELECT YES. Selecting No will adjust your menu's exclusive prices and will not alter your menu selling prices. Clicking Yes will make the menu prices incorrect, and require the menu to be re-loaded.

8. Once you have selected NO, you will need to restart Invoicing for the changes to take effect. 

9. Next, click Program Settings > VAT. You will need to update the VAT rate for your Stock Items and Suppliers

10. These settings must be set and then UNSET to update the VAT. Tick Override Global VAT Rate with Stock Item VAT rate. A prompt will appear asking you to refresh the stock VAT rate. Click Yes.

11. Then, untick the setting. The prompt will appear again, click Yes:

12. Tick the option Override Global VAT Rate with Supplier VAT rate. A prompt will appear asking you to refresh the supplier VAT rate. Click Yes.

13. Untick the setting again. The prompt will appear again, click Yes:

14. Once done, click Apply, then Close. Your VAT will now be updated to the correct levels across your system.