This option allows you to move stock from one location to another. This could be from one internal location to another internal location, or from an internal location to an external location and vice versa. 

Stores could possibly use this feature to transfer stock from another store to your store. If, for example, a nearby store has run out of potatoes and your store has a surplus of this and are in a position to transfer the stock through to the nearby store, then by means of the Transfer Stock option, you will account for the deficiency of the Potatoes on the system and thus the lending of stock to the nearby store will not affect your stock variance for Potatoes. 


BackOffice> Lists> Stock> Location: In order to perform a Stock Transfer to an external location you would first need to set up the locations that you are wanting to transfer the stock to.

Then you would need to click on the “+” sign at the top to add a location to the system:

Once you click on the “+” sign, you will be presented with the following window:

You need to enter the name of the location that you will be transferring to or the name of the location that you are transferring from. If the stock is physically leaving the store, the option External needs to be ticked:

Once you have completed the above steps, you need to click on OK, and the location will be saved.

Items Per Location

BackOffice> Lists> Stock> Items Per Location: You still will not be able to transfer the stock over to the above location without assigning stock to this location. Accessing the Items Per Location menu will enable you to do this:

You will need to select the location that was added at the top by clicking on the drop-down arrow and then clicking on your desired location:

Once the location is selected, you will need to assign stock to the newly created location. You do this by clicking on the double arrow located in the middles of the 2 panes:

This will move all the items across the specified location.

Alternately, you could select the item/s that you will be transferring through to the store by clicking on the stock item on the left and then clicking on the single arrow pointing to the left:

This will move the selected item/s over to the left-hand side. 

If items are wanting to be removed from the specific location, then you would need to click on the double or single arrow that points to the right-hand side.

The Search function can be used to locate a specific stock item to make things quicker when trying to include multiple stock items in the specified location:

Once the above is completed, you will now be able to proceed to Transfer Stock.