There are often times when orders need to be cancelled on the system for a number of reasons. Whether it is an uncollected order or a late delivery, Aura BackOffice allows for overring reasons to be created an altered as needed.

Overring Codes

You need to go to BackOffice> Lists> Overring Codes:

Once there, you will be presented with the following window:

You then need to click on the “+” sign and the following window will pop up:

You then need to enter a description as well as a reference number for your Overring code in the window that come up:

  • The “Active” option needs to be ticked so that you are able to use this overring reason on Invoicing. 
  • The “Hoax” option is for reporting purposes as the system will be able to flag a previous customer that has been set as Hoax on the system. 

Once you have created your overring code in BackOffice, all you need to do is close Invoicing on the tills at the front and reopen them in order for the changes to take effect.