Whilst Aura does provide a local backup of all your information on the system, it is good practice to add a secondary backup that is on an external location. This redundancy will prevent complete data loss in the event of unforeseen damage to the server where the local backup is stored.


To configure backups to an external location you need to open up BackOffice, and click on Preferences> System Settings> All Computers> Program Settings> Backup:

Backup Path 1 This is usually already set to back up to the local computer.

Auto - Ticking this option will cause BackOffice to automatically backup to the selected path.

Backup Path 2 - This is what needs to be configured to set the back up to save to an external location. You need to click the  button which will bring up the following prompt:

You need to browse to the external hard drive, and then click the OK button.

Backing Up

When you open up BackOffice, the system will prompt you if you would like to backup to the secondary location. Click YES to perform the backup.