Before self service terminals can be installed into your store, there are some minimum requirements that need to be met. Some requirements come from FNB for the pinpads and other requirements are from Cosoft. Below you will find a checklist. If all boxes are ticked, you can request a quote for the kiosks. If any boxes are unticked, Cosoft will need to help you get the problems resolved before continuing. Please discuss it with us.


 Image result for tickboxI have a permanently connected and uncapped internet connection with a minimum 4GB speed.

 Image result for tickboxThe internet connection is stable and reliable.

 Image result for tickboxThe internet connection is not restricted by a firewall or if it is, access is able to be given to the following servers: 

• Ports: 8140, 443 

• Ports: 8140, 443

 Image result for tickboxMy routers and network switch are mounted inside a network cabinet. 

  Image result for tickboxMy network cabinet has space for an FNB switch and small computer (small pizza box size).

  Image result for tickboxMy network cabinet is located less than 50 meters from where the kiosks will be installed.

  Image result for tickboxAll the equipment inside the network cabinet is powered by and protected by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

  Image result for tickboxThere are 3 available and unused network ports on the existing Aura POS network switch.

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  Image result for tickboxThe Aura POS server is running Windows 10.

  Image result for tickboxYour store's customer area has enough available space to place the kiosk.. 

  Image result for tickboxThe ceiling above the kiosk location can be accessed to run power and network cables. 

  Image result for tickboxThe Aura POS server is not used to ring up orders.

  Image result for tickboxThe kitchen is running the new Kitchen Workflow Manager software.

  Image result for tickboxOur customer display software is highly recommended but remains optional. This will enable self service customers to have peace of mind that the kitchen has received their order and they can see how long it will take based on current live waiting times and they will know when their order is ready to collect. Please discuss with us if you would like to have this display installed into your customer waiting area.