Cosoft sells the following brands of hardware. Each has their own warranty.

HP (3 year walk in warranty)

These are our Backoffice computers.

Hisense (3 year walk in warranty)

Our cashier tills, waiter stations and tablets for mobile POS.

Epson (3 year walk in warranty)

Our slip printers and report printers.

Other (typically a 1 year walk in warranty)

UPS's, cash drawers, wide screen monitors, kitchen computers, fingerprint scanners and other peripherals.

* A walk in warranty means that the repairs will be covered by the manufacturer. The cost of getting the hardware to our service center in Midrand is not covered by the warranty, nor is a callout to the site for technical assistance, re-installing it, temporarily re-routing printers, troubleshooting etc.  All these extra costs can be covered by purchasing our optional maintenance contract.

A hardware failure in the first 6 weeks will be deemed an out of box failure and therefore labour costs and callouts to the site will be covered by Cosoft.