SST Installed at Store

The SST’s will be delivered to the site at least a day before installation by Tactile Technologies, who will image the SST on behalf of Cosoft. You will, however, still need to set up the SST to connect to the server.

The document will guide you through each of the following topics:

  • Software
    • Integration Software Release.
    • Software Updates.
    • Shutdown Process.
  • SST Manage Interface (Menu & Banking)
    • Self Service Terminal Menu Management Interface.
    • FNB Management Interface.
  • Troubleshooting


Integration Software Release

The software will be released to the store once the JIRA SST Job has been created and sent to the relevant person releasing the software.

Software Updates

Whenever an update for the software is released it will appear on the Kiosk screen for the store to update.

The Manager or Employee in the store will need to click on Install Now - if the update requires a password, use C0s0ft

If you need the keyboard just tap the screen to get the onscreen keyboard.

Shutdown Process 

To shut down the SST you will need to go to the server and connect to the SST remotely via Anydesk by using the SST IP Address. Password for Anydesk will be C0s0ft123

To get the IP address for the Kiosk you will need to go to the SST Manage Interface:


Click Kiosk then List, under list, you will find the Address this is the IP Address for the SST.

Once connected to the SST via Anydesk you will need to press ALT F4 to access the home screen of the SST once on the home screen you can navigate to the top left corner and click on the drop-down and select the Power Button:

Once you have selected the Power Button the power options will pop up from here you will need to select Power Off.


It is of VERY HIGH Importance that you understand NEVER to use the Blue Power Button on the inside of the SST to shut down the SST, doing so can corrupt the hard drive. Only use the Power Button to turn on the SST.

SST Menu & Banking Management

SST Menu management interface

FNB Management interface


SST stuck on the loading screen

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