In this modern age, restaurant managers and owners have very high expectations of POS systems, and not many systems

available these days provide all those features at an affordable rate. Using computer-based systems allow much more flexibility in stock and employee control; areas of business that were previously calculated and controlled manually can now be done in a fraction of the time and with much higher accuracy than ever before.

Aura includes all the basic facilities you would expect to find in a POS system, along with many more specialized tools and

features designed to streamline not only store management but brand management as well. While many of the functions

provided may seem very complex to set up and manage at first, this is simply due to their flexible nature and with a good solid understanding of the 'why' and 'how' factors, these processes become nothing more than simple daily tasks.

There are many features that set Aura apart from other points of sale systems, each of which will be covered in the relative

sections throughout this manual; below is a quick overview of the most predominant features in the Aura Point of Sales

Software Suite:

  • Stock tracking - calculating on purchases, returns, stock counts, stock use and wastage.
  • Multiple stock locations - both in-store and external.
  • Manufactured stock - create unique stock items in store.
  • Employee access control - set access permissions based on employee categories
  • In-depth customer list - store customer details and order history.
  • Audit trail - see what your employees are doing through a comprehensive activity log.
  • Verbose report system - over 150 reports for various purposes.