Invoicing provides the customer sales facilities of the Aura POS Software Suite. Four different transaction types are

available to cover your customer's needs, as described below:

  • Counter orders allow sales to be put through without needing any customer details to complete the transaction.
  • Table ordersĀ are provided for sit-down meals where more items may be added before the bill is paid.
  • Collect orders cover an order that is prepared for the customer before they actually get to the store.
  • Delivery ordersĀ would be used if a driver is to deliver the order to the customer at their preferred location.

In addition to multiple transaction types, various other tools pertaining to each transaction type are available as well.

Here are a few key features of the Aura Invoicing application:

  • Customer integration - a customer record can be linked to any order type, even counter or table transactions.
  • Employee floats - a cash float can be issued to employees that don't have access to the till, at all times, this is used more specifically for drivers and waiters.
  • Secondary till operators - only till operators have access to open the till drawer, but multiple operators can be assigned to a till shift if needed.
  • Customizable interface - multiple layout options are available for setting how your cashiers and waiters access menu items and process orders.
  • Order search function - while viewing any of the order types, you may search the current list for specific invoice or order numbers; this is very helpful near the end of a busy day if a customer requests a duplicate copy of their receipt.
  • System enhancements - by means of loading different 'plugins' into the Aura Invoicing system, various extra functions can be performed; for example, the Time Sync plugin will ensure that all computers are on the same date and time as the server computer, which is vital for time-based count downs and accurate reporting.