The Report Scheduler enables reports to be run with preset parameters on timed schedules, whether a user is at the

computer or not. All reports found in Aura BackOffice can be set to run in a report schedule; as new reports are added in the

future, the Report Viewer will also have access to them.

The Report Scheduler is used to create and maintain schedules for reports that are run on a regular basis; for example the

Gross Profit report is required at the end of each trading month, or an employee Activity Log once a week to keep track of what the employees are doing.

In addition to the ability to create a schedule for any report in the system, the generated report can be saved or sent in one of three ways, each of which has its own advantages. Using either 'Email', 'Adobe PDF' or 'Printer', the reports can either be

printed out at a store level for the manager, saved to the desktop for later reference, or emailed off-site for store owners to keep track of activities in the store.