This article will list and detail some errors that can occur when processing Wicode transactions.

First please ensure all versions are up to date and match with the versions listed on AESWEB.

Ensure the correct Settings are present in the Wicode ini file (WiCodePayment.ini) located  in the Alphapos\Aura\AuraModules folder.

Combos stores appear as below.

Note each brand has its own store id and one is used as the WicodeStoreId as well.Single stores are shown below and have no brand separations.

These settings are setup on AESWEB per store and if they are incorrect please alert the 3rdLevel team to update them with the correct information. Also please ensure the till settings are setup correctly as shown below..

Wicode Errors

Below shows a successfully processed transaction.

If The above Screen is not seen there is likely an issue with Processing the voucher.

The above error indicates the store has not been activated for use with Aura on Wicodes side and Wicode needs to activate the store. Please contact Wigroup for assistance.

This error indicated the store may be on the incorrect version or the store's Wicode StoreId is incorrect or not set at all (Check the Wicode ini file)

Invalid token means that the Voucher has Gone through but has not been fully redeemed. or the voucher has already been used. This can happen if the internet drops on the till that transaction is being done on, or the till goes off, the voucher status is then gone through as if it is used, but hanging in the middle as not fully finished redeeming.

Advise the client to ask Wigroup to either Reverse the Voucher, if they need to use it again or they can Push the Voucher through depending if they gave the client the ice cream without any other methods of payment but the voucher.

This error indicates the items rung up in aura do not have any vouchers for that item and likely the incorrect item was selected.

This can also occur if the store is a combo store but only one side is setup to use wicode i.e In a Fishaways and Steers store, the voucher is for Steers but Steers is not set up with a Wicode StoreId.

This indicates that no response was received for Wicodes Server and means the PC has no connection to the Wicode Server. This often occurs on till pcs that have no internet. Changing the till PC's DNS server can also fix the issue(alternate DNS are or

If the above does not resolve the issue, there is also an application that tests the network connection and attempts to communicate with Wicodes server and this can be obtained from 3rd level Support.

Errors that with this  : Transactions with neither redemptions or withdrawals are not allowed.

and this in the logfile

<responseCode>2113</responseCode><responseDesc>Transactions with neither redemptions or withdrawals are not allowed.</responseDesc>

Means the transaction was process without any menu items(the value of the invoice was 0)

Errors with this : Voucher cannot be redeemed at current merchant.

and this in the logfile

<responseCode>2106</responseCode><responseDesc>Voucher cannot be redeemed at current merchant.</responseDesc>

Means the store is not set to get these specific vouchers(this could mean the brands are not matching the wicode ids,check the wicode ini file and correct wicodes store ids are set and the till settings are correct.