There are instances where the unit costings for stock do not update automatically and this affects your menu items' costings as well as your GP overall.

Processing this forces a refresh of all the calculations for the stock costings. Completing this will update all stock items with their last known purchase price, overriding any manual price settings or price errors.  

In order to force the system to refresh these costings, you will need to go to BackOffice> Lists> Stock> Items:

Once there, you will be presented with the Stock Items screen. At the top of this window, you will need to click on "Refresh Costs":

You will then receive the following pop-up. Click on "Yes" to accept the notification: 

The stock costings have now updated and should pull through to all associated menu items accordingly.

If you encounter any messages that prevent the stock costings to be refreshed, kindly leave the message on-screen and contact the Aura Helpdesk for assistance. 

If you wish to refresh further stock events, kindly follow the link here, to do so.