With Aura being centered around stock control at store level, you are able to customize the stock you count on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Consolidating your stock sheets to accommodate relevant, current stock is recommended in order to prevent resources being used where they could have otherwise been more efficient. 

There are currently 2 types of stock takes:

  • Controllable Stock Take
  • Full Stock Take

Controllable Stock Takes

Stock should be counted everyday. With that being said, counting all your stock in your store every single day is not advised as there may be a whole array of stock items that you haven't used daily and therefore it becomes redundant. BackOffice has an option to create and customize a stock list that contains high value stock items that are used on a daily basis to count as a controllable stock take. In order to set an item/s up as controllable you will need to go to BackOffice> Lists> Stock> Items:

Once there, you will be presented with the following window:

In order to successfully navigate the Stock Items section of BackOffice, you need to understand the options that will enable you to customize your controllable list. 

  1. Field View - This will display all related information regarding a particular stock item that has been selected
  2. Spreadsheet View - This will display ALL stock items unless a category has been selected. If a category is selected then all related stock items that are part of the selected category will show up
  3. Category Filter - This will allow you to filter the stock items you are viewing by category
  4. Controllable option - This option will set your stock item as controllable or not
  5. Save - This tick informs the system to save any changes that have been made

Once you have navigated to the stock item you would like to set as controllable, you will click on the drop down arrow, select Yes and then click on the top to save the changes:

Selecting controllable option

Saving the changes

If you would like to remove items from your stock take worksheet completely, you need to select the option "Exclude from Worksheets":

Selecting this option will remove the selected stock item from your stock take worksheets and stock takes, regardless of whether it is marked as a controllable item or not.

One you have selected the stock items you want as controllable, you can then run your stock take worksheet for controllable items:

NB.: By default, when running the stock take worksheet for all items, controllable items that have been set are included in this report.