Welcome to Aura E-Learning (Self Study)

Cosoft has an online E-Learning platform.  

This platform is perfect for self-study and for those who like to read up on the product in their own time.

  • E-Learning Platform: 


  • Aura training Youtube videos: 

    Starting Till Shifts & Taking Sales - https://youtu.be/uozjnC8K4YI

    Building Invoices - https://youtu.be/h89iSeb42Co

    Order Types - https://youtu.be/bM_P2iVSuDg

    Overring & Discounts - https://youtu.be/0bHdC8_S40g

    Cashup in Invoicing - https://youtu.be/e1XK3ZJqXY8

    Backoffice Introduction - https://youtu.be/ioO8g3WlAt0

  • Test your basic knowledge:


For any questions or queries regarding training, please contact the Cosoft training department: training@cosoft.co.za