Attached is a video that will take you through the process of activating the UberEats & Mr. D items and how to ring them up, the process to activate the items is the same as activation normal optional items on your menu.

After adding UberEats & Mr. D there are now a lot of categories and it works better if the categories fill the screen. 

To increase the screen space for categories, follow the steps below: 

First, you will need to go to your settings in Backoffice or Invoicing. 

Then Specific Computer > Invoicing Setting

The settings should be changed like the below screenshot after activating MrD and Uber menus on each till:

Overlap buttons must be ticked and the category rows should be 9 and cols should be 8.

Then all the category buttons fit on the screen together as per below:

To go back to categories, click on Categories or return on the right-hand side: