If a store has a time where the online orders are in overflow and they need to temporarily disable online ordering, the steps mentioned below will inform you how to set your store temporarily offline. 

You will need to do the following:

* Set the Point of Sale offline.

* Switch of the Yumbi GSM printer.

Below is the step by step process on the above:

Set the Point of Sale offline.

  • If using the Aura POS, set the Point of Sale offline by doing the following on the Backoffice computer:

Step 1: Open the Run window.

Press and hold the Windows key then press the R key once on the keyboard.

This will then open the Run window:

If you use the Windows key + R and nothing shows up you can access the Run window by going to the Start screen and start typing the word run. Then, click the Run search result.

Older versions of Windows click the Start button and type the word run in Start Menu's search box. Then, click the Run search result.

Step 2: Open the Services window.

In the Run window type services.msc and click on OK.

Once you have clicked OK the Services window will open.

Step 3: Stopping and Disabling AuraMEDClient.

Once the Services window is open you will need to scroll down the list and look for AuraMEDClient, some stores will also have AuraMEDClientYumbi and this will also need to be stopped and disabled.

Note: If you do not see the AuraMEDClientYumbi don't worry about it!

To stop and disable these services double-click the service to open the Properties. or right-click and select Properties.

Once the Properties are open click on Stop.

Then change the Startup type to Disabled

Once this is done you can click on Apply then OK.

If you also have AuraMEDClientYumbi do the same for this service. Once done you will notice that both services are now Disabled.

Do not under any circumstances click or change anything else!

If you are unable to get to the Services by following the above steps you can also access the services through the Control Panel on the computer by going to the Control Panel and selecting Administrative Tools.

And then double-clicking on Services.


  • Under no circumstances should the Online Ordering be stopped via the online ordering GUI.
  • If you forget to enable the services again when you are ready to receive orders it will not be possible.

Switch off the Yubmi GSM printer.

To switch off your YUMBI GSM printer locate the on/off switch on the side off the printer, it is on the left-hand side, simply just toggle the switch to off, once you have switched off the printer the display will switch off. 

If the display is still on you have not switched it off.

With both the POS services and Yumbi printer off, this sets your store offline on the website, with a message displayed stating, "Temporarily offline" on the Website and Mobile Apps. 

When you are ready to receive orders again you simply need to start the services again and switch the Yumbi GSM printer back on.

To restart the AuraMEDClient (and AuraMEDClientYumbi for some stores) please follow the above steps again to get to the Services, but instead of Stopping and Disabling, you will now Enable and Start the services.

Now first change the Startup status back to Automatic.

Click Apply.

Click on Start, then wait for the service to start then click OK

The services will now be running again and you can switch on the Yumbi GSM Printer.

You will need to follow all the above steps again when you need to disable online ordering again.

Additional info:

If you have certain items that will be unavailable please visit the below Yumbi solutions page for information on how to set a menu item as "Out of Stock"