When filing in the application form for Online ordering, once you get to the question "Do you offer delivery" and you select Yes. You will need to provide us with your delivery zones.

You can follow the below steps or watch the step by step video here: https://youtu.be/eukz-ixl2iw

To provide us with the delivery zones click on the link on the application form to draw your map.

Once the page has loaded, you can close the Scripple Maps Pro pop up and Hide the tab to the right so you have a bigger view of the map.

Once you have cleared the above, you can use the search bar in the top left corner to search for the store's address, once you have typed the address in the search bar you can select the address from the recommendations that pop up.

Once you have selected the address it will pin the location on the map, once pinned you can use the circle to drag the delivery area and the polygon tool next to the circle to add additional delivery areas.

Below is an example of using both tools.

Once you are done with the delivery areas, click on Menu:

Then click Save Map:

Once you have clicked Save Map, you will need to add the following:

Title: Store Name

Description: Delivery Fees for the polygons created on the map

Once done click on Save Map.

Once you have saved the map, you will need to copy the Edit Link.

Then go back to the application/sign up form and paste the link in the Delivery - Map Edit Link box.