At the end of the shift, the cash in the till must be reconciled with the sales that were made to make sure that you

aren’t short on money received. In Aura, this is called Cashup . A Cashup is typically done after each shift ends, and

then the full shop cashup is done after all shifts are complete.

To perform a cashup, take the following steps:

  1. The Managers assist the cashiers to end off their shift and cashing up by clicking the Cashup button in either Invoicing or Backoffice. 
  2. Click Employee. Every employee clocked in for the day is displayed here. Any daily wages (As specified in Lists > Employees >Employees on each employee’s profile) will be displayed here, broken down by type. The value of the driver’s orders will be displayed on the Cashup Summary tab. If the driver has paid the orders into a till already, his orders will show as Paid AlreadyThe driver’s orders, float, and any wages due to him will be calculated, and the result will be displayed as either Driver Owes Store, Store Owes Driver, or Nothing Owed.
  3. Click Post to post the driver’s cashup. A dialog prompting you to select which till the driver is posted to will appear. If the driver is paying in any money or is being paid from the till then the till you select will show the money difference accordingly. 
  4. Click Till, then select the cashier’s Till ID from the list. 
  5. Confirm the Card sales match the amount listed under Credit Card (F2). If not, you can edit the entries by pressing [F2] on your keyboard, then [Insert] to add an entry and [Delete] to remove an entry. 
  6. Capture all the cash denominations in the till by pressing [F4], and capture each entry by pressing [Enter]. Confirm all other fields are captured correctly. If an entry needs to be added, open the relevant window by pressing the corresponding “F” key.
  7. Once all entries are captured, you can see if the till is over, short or balanced. If not, check the entries and make any necessary corrections.
  8. Click Post. This will close off the shift. The shift will be highlighted green.
  9. Once all tills are posted, click Lock on each till. The till will become purple.
  10. Click the Shop tab, then click Post. This will close off all tills.