You can confirm the amount by printing the sales slip from the SST by doing the following.

1. Scan the QR code on the QR Code scanner on the SST:

2. Once the page has loaded select Manage>:

3. Select Kiosk:

4. Select Sales:

5. Here you will see the sales made on the SST 

Please note this includes all sales made on the SST, if you had to over-ring an order on the POS it will still appear as a sale on this printout. (You will need to print out the over-ring slip on the till and keep it with the cash up as proof of the over-ring.

To print out the sales make sure you select the correct Print Server first then the Printer, 

 Once you have selected the server and printer, you can select your Date then click on PRINT:

6. Once done you can click on Close.