When you receive your Bluetooth printer and try switching it on for the first time, it might not switch on, this is not always due to it being faulty.

Inbetween the battery and printer is a plastic film covering the connectors that need to be removed before the printer will switch on.

Below is a quick step by step instruction on how to remove this plastic film.

When looking at the printer turn it over.

Once you have turned the printer over, open the battery cover, by pulling down on the small lever.

Once the cover has been removed, you can now remove the battery by pulling the battery out towards yourself, once the battery is out, turn it over, and covering the plated connectors will be a piece of plastic film.

This piece of plastic film needs to be removed in order for the connectors to make contact with the printer, until the piece of plastic film is removed the printer will not be able to switch on or charge.

Once you have removed the plastic film, you can put the battery back in the printer. 

The connectors of the battery should line up with the connectors of the printer, (If you look at the image below easiest way to remember is when the front of the printer is facing you, the battery should be placed in the printer upside down).

Once you have put the cover of the battery back in place you can try to switch it on or connect it to a charger to power up.

If the above solution does not work, please contact Cosoft.