Visit the below web page on the server computer, this will be for setting up a serial or USB printer that is not connected directly to the server.

This will only work if you are on version or higher of mobile integration. 

If you are unsure of the version please visit How to check the version of Mobile Integration installed? to check your version or contact Aura support to assist in assigning the latest version to the store.


Click on Mobile POS, then click on Printing.

Toggle Print Kitchen to be "On"

Select the drop-down for Print Server and select the server's IP address.

Change the Printer to Kitchen, and click on the Print server settings.

Once the new tab has opened select the newly added Kitchen printer by clicking on View (If there is no Kitchen printer shown, click on Add New.)

To edit the information, click on Edit this printer.

Change the following:

Printer Category: Production

Connectivity: Direct to Port

Address: LPT1,\\HK-560\Invoice,HK-560\aurauser,aurauser

In the address field, it is important that you DO NOT copy and paste the above you will need to edit the address according to the store. Each field is separated by a "comma"

LPT1 "comma" \\HK-560\Invoice "comma" HK-560\aurauser "comma" aurauser

1st Field: LPT1 - Port that your printer will be assigned to. Should always be "LPT1" and if there is a second invoice printer that you need to map, then you would use "LPT2" on that one, "LPT3" if there was a third one, and so on.

2nd Field: \\HK-560\Invoice - Till's name & shared printer name. Should always start with \\ "till name" \ "shared printer name"

3rd Field: HK-560\aurauser - Till's name & user account name. Should always be "computer name" \aurauser

4th Field: aurauser - User account password. Should always be aurauser

Model: Epson

Type: Narrow