Counter POS works around the concept of Till Shifts to track all sales. 

A Till Shift is an active session where a cashier is working on a till/device and is able to process customer's orders. 

If cashiers work in shifts for example morning and evening shifts, once the first cashier has finished their shift, the till shift must be ended. 

Follow the below steps on how to log in and start a new till shift;

The cashier can use their password from Invoicing.

Important note: A cashier can use a combination of numbers and letters as a password only if a keyboard is connected to the till.

Once you have typed your password, you can press enter on the keyboard or click/press the green tick to log in.

Now that you are logged in you will need to click the Sale tab and then will be asked if you want to Start Shift if you select No you will not be able to process any sales;