To set up your Order Number Screen, follow the below steps;

You can access Order Number Screen settings by using this  URL: http://localhost:3004/settings/kitchenitems/customer/manage-displays

Step 1: Click on Create Display;

Step 2: Add the display information.

  • Name - What would you like to call the Display
  • Expected Wait Time - What is the expected waiting time you want to display to the customer (This will automatically change as orders are being placed based on how long the order takes to be bumped from the screen)

Add Filters:

  • Has Been In Queue will set the queue that will display the menu items to the Order Number Screen;
  • Transaction Type will set which transactions are displayed on the Order Number Screen;
  • Till ID will set which till will display on the Order Number Screen;
  • Department will set the Department that needs to display on the Order Number Screen;

Select your Style Sheets:

This is set up using the Kitchen Items Rework and different stores require using different .CSS Style Sheets to set up the Order Number Screen as each brand is unique.

All Style Sheets for all brands are automatically downloaded and installed into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Alphapos\Aura folder under a folder called assets.

Style Sheets needs the correct path of the main.css Style Sheets for the selected brand.

For example, if this was a Debonairs the Style Sheet will look like below:


NB: Always use a Backslash "\"

Once you are done with creating the Display you should always click Save.

Now the Order Number Screen then needs to be assigned to the correct device from the Device Settings.

Now you will need to select Customer Display Settings next to the device that will be using the Order Number Screen interface.

Here you will need to select the Display that you have created.

Here you also have an empty field for a Style Sheet, but DO NOT add the style sheet here this is ONLY used if you want to add different style sheets to different displays for the same brand. 

Currently, this does not happen.

You can also set the Minutes until order Hidden as it is on 5 min by default. 

Once done click Update Settings.

To test if you have set up all the settings correctly you can go to the Kitchen menu and select:

Rework to view the Kitchen Display.

Customer Display to view the Order Number Screen.

If you have missed any steps or settings the page will re-load to the settings page where the step was missed. 

Once you have tested and they are working you can now load the Kitchen Display on the screens in the Kitchen and the Order Number Screen on the Display at the Counters.

Note: If the customer display is only showing "Connecting" you need to check the Windows license and make sure it is a licensed version. If Windows is not licensed it will not display.!