With the new EPSON M1100 Reports Printer, there are some features that have changed.

For example;

  • How to fill/refill the ink tank;
  • How to load A4 paper in the paper tray;

You can follow the below steps on each of the above mentioned;

  • How to fill/refill the ink tank in the new M1100 reports printer:

Step one: Open the top lid of the printer;

Step two: On the left-hand side, hold down the ink button 5 seconds / until the light flashes;

wait for the tank to line up on the right-hand side; 

Step three: Open the blue lid;

Open the ink bottle, and place the ink bottle in the correct position and push down gently;

Hold the bottle in place while you keep an eye on the ink level in the front of the printer, it is very important to not squeeze the bottle, once the ink has reached the line indicating "Full" slowly lift and remove the bottle. Always close and store the ink bottle away after use.

Once you are done close the ink tank lid and make sure it clicks back into place;

If you are still unsure about the above, please watch the below video provided by Epson;

Once you have filled/refilled the ink tank it is important to do an ink initialization by pressing and holding down the ink button on the left-hand side again for 5 seconds or until the light flashes.

We can now move on to the second part.

  • How to load A4 paper in the paper tray:

Step one: Open the front cover and pull it forward;

Step two: Adjust the edge guides by pushing them outwards so you are able to fit the A4 paper;

Step three: Slide the paper into the tray as far as you can, do not force too many pages or too hard this will cause a paper jam.

Slide the edge guides against the paper, but not too tightly as it can cause the paper to riffle or print at an angle.

 Step four: Push the paper tray back as far as it will go, do not slam it or force it.

Note: Do not push in the paper after inserting the paper tray. Make sure the paper is aligned with the line for the loaded paper size.

Now you can pull out the output tray, this tray is located above the paper tray;

If you are still unsure about the above, please watch the below video provided by Epson;